Open Mic UK!!

Heey guyss!

Im in a new singing competition called Open Mic UK!! Its on the 25th of September at Sheffield City Hall at 1:15pm!! Tickets are £8!! I need as many people people to come as possible but ive only got 25 tickets left so its first come first serve!!

If anyone is interested let me know either through here or on my facebook which is: Leanne Fotheringham or my twitter which is: LeanneFothers 🙂

Thanks guyss, much loveee! 🙂


Live and Unsigned!

Heyy guys!

Just to let you know, i got through to the next round of the Live and Unsigned competition. I told you before i was going to Sheffield and it went really well. I sang Alicia Keys-Empire State Of Mind (Part 2). The next round is in Manchester on the 9th May 2010, tickets are £7.50. Need all the support i can. So wish me good luck and ill let you know how it goes 😀