Disney Channel! :)

Hello again 🙂

I went for an audition in London on Wednesday for Disney Channel. They are looking for 4 people to be on Disney’s next big star! There was  4 other contestants there and me. There had been auditions before in the day baring in mind my audition was at 4 o’clock in the afternoon so they had plenty of time to audition more people before hand! It went really well. We had to choose an up-beat song, a slow song/ballad and everybody had to sing JLS-One Shot. For my up-beat song i sang Alexandra Burke-Broken Heels and for my slow song/ballad i sang Robbie Williams-Angels. I then did a dance to Pussy Cat Dolls-When I Grow Up. The producers seemed very impressed with me and i hope it’s a good outcome to it all. They will let us know by the 21st of April whether they want to see me again at the London callbacks on the 24th April. So all fingers crossed and ill let you know what happens 🙂